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Ryan & Cassie | Downtown Proposal | Charlotte, NC

Ryan & Cassie | Downtown Proposal | Charlotte, NC

Ryan was recently a groomsman in a wedding we photographed (shoutout to Tyler and McKinney) and he reached out to ask us to help him pull off the perfect proposal for his girlfriend!  Of course I was excited to help.

Ryan had already set the perfect location, the fountain where they had shared their first kiss.  Of course having a photographer involved can give things away a little too fast, so we came up with a plan, Ryan would ask me to take a photo of them by the fountain, at which point I would offer to take it on my camera instead.  Of course there is nothing more awkward than a girl trying to pose for a photo while the guy is trying to propose, so of course I HAD to take that photo of them together (see below) at which point I would tell them to hold on for a minute and I would be back to get their email because I thought I saw the person I was meeting.

Of course this was just to allow Ryan some time to start talking to her without the awkwardness of a camera in her face, I slipped back over to them and began photographing as Ryan got down on one knee to a very surprised and happy Cassie.

Congratulations to both of you and I am so glad you allowed me to be a part of this special moment.